NEAC has been importing and exporting product between Asia and the rest of the world since the 1980s.  We have relations with service providers and manufacturers in North America and Asia as well as registration and bonds with U.S. Customs.   NEAC Shanghai is a wholly owned foreign enterprise (WOFE) allowing it to offer all the services of Chinese domestic enterprises.

Product Development:

Guidance and assistance in preparing your product for commercial production

Sample Development:  We suggest our customers finalize designs in their home market but then standby ready to create molds and tooling for the next step in the commercialization process

Quality and Delivery Control:  Making sure your product is made to agreed-upon specifications and delivered on a timely basis.


NEAC operates a stamping and fabrication facility on the outskirts of Shanghai.  We serve a variety of industries,  including medical, novelty and construction.   If we can’t stamp it in-house, we work with outside vendors with large presses and laser cutting equipment.

Production management in a variety of processes and materials for our customers including but not limited to the following:

PROCESSES:                                                                                                    MATERIALS: 

*Assemblies                         *Powder Metal Parts                       *Ferrous Metals (iron, steel, stainless)

*Extrusion                              *Rubber Molding                                 *Non Ferrous Metals (aluminum, brass, zinc)

*Machining                           *Metal Finishing                                  *Plastics (ABS, PE, PP, PS, etc.)

*Welding                                *Laser Cutting                                       *Glass

*Tooling                                   *Injection Molding                             *Paper (printing, packaging)




Forwarding materials and finished products around the globe; warehousing and distribution services, customs clearance



Despite the widespread availability of “information” available on the internet, we believe there is no substitute for experience in the field.  As we caution prospective clients, one shipment of defective goods is enough to ruin a reputation and potentially destroy a business.  With over 30 years in business on the ground in Asia, we have built and established a solid infrastructure to serve our customers.  We are happy to tailor a program providing as little or as much assistance as our clients can benefit from.



Consolidating payments to multiple vendors; financing of vendors and customers on a case-by case basis