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*1983, Company founder graduates from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Oriental Studies and Economics.  Moves to Taiwan to pursue further education.  Work experience with a variety of enterprises involved in manufacturing and export

*1986, JM Associates established in Taipei, Taiwan.  Early business focused on consulting and trading

*1988, NEAC, Inc. incorporated in New Jersey, USA

*2001, Shanghai Rising Electron established as j-v (joint venture)

*2003, Suzhou Rising Automotive factory opened

*2005, NEAC USA warehouse opened to stock Rising automotive products

*2007, Rising Brazil established in Recife, Brazil

*2009, NEAC China opened factory in Qingpu, China

*2009, NEAC Shanghai opens as subsidiary of Rising Hong Kong.  Office in Xujiahui, Shanghai

*2010, Solid Block factory opened near Sao Paulo, Brazil

*2013  Solid by NEAC (www.solidbyneac.com)brand established for construction equipment, patent awarded for mini crane     


*2013 Miller’s brand of Made in U.S.A. cosmetics developed for j-v with Chinese partners

*2015  Odorox (www.hydod.cn) line of air purification equipment introduced into China